Sean-Kelley Quinn is a Mental Conditioning Consultant with elite experience from some of this country’s top performance training venues. A graduate of UC Davis in Human Development, Sean also earned his Masters degree in Sport Psychology from JFK University.

He is a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (#555) and has obtained thousands of hours working with clients from diverse backgrounds including Professionals in the Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Golf world as well as executives from a variety of top corporations.

Sean is the Director of Operations for Trevor Moawad’s, Moawad Consulting Group. Trevor has appeared on numerous TV, Radio, Print and Web outlets as an expert in the broader areas of performance training, mental conditioning, sport psychology, the NFL Pre-Draft Process, the NFL Off-Season, the NBA, Major League Soccer, and Major League Baseball. Trevor is the world’s leading mental conditioning coach; he and his team which Sean heads up are changing the way elite performers dominate in their field of expertise.

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