LifeChanger believes that our youth already have what it takes, they just need a hand to see it and a pathway to get there.  

Its vision is a world with more thriving, resilient people.

LifeChanger’s mission is to inspire and empower young people to ‘awaken the hero’ and live their best life.The challenges that youth face today are unprecedented and confronting. 

The statistics are alarming: 

: 50% of teenagers face cyber bullying

: 1 in 4 teenagers experience mental health issues

: 50% of mental health issues appear before 14 years of age

: 1 in 4 5-17 year olds are battling obesity

: Alcohol abuse in 12-17 year olds has doubled in the last 20 years

: Youth suicide accounts for one third of adolescent deaths and is the biggest killer of young Australians

LifeChanger helps provide foundational support to young people that ignites a community of mentors and helps build self esteem to enable and nurture positive self identity for all young people.