Looking To Using Miyagi?

Here are some FAQ’s and tips to help
you maximise your talents


What Payments Does Miyagi Accept

Full e-commerce payment processing is included in your course. Miyagi accepts all major credit cards with a simple and secure checkout. We receive settlements every second day and we process trainer payments twice a week, defending on their preferences selected.
All payments taken through an SSL certificate to ensure that all your data and customer information is secure. Note that transaction fees of 1.75% applied to all transactions by our third party payment processor.

What Is Trained By Miyagi?
Trained By Miyagi has one philosophy.

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”

With that in mind, we have created a global platform where any expert, from any industry can create and upload a video or audio based course, monetise it or give it away for free and make it possible for anyone in the world to watch and listen from any device at any time.

From sports to cooking, nutrition to personal development, drawing to painting and hundreds of other topics, we have an expert for your knowledge gap.

What Format Do The Courses Take
The courses and structure for each Trained By Miyagi course is designed exclusively by the instructor and vetted by the Miyagi team. Each class includes exclusive pre-recorded video content in videos format which can be purchased or gifted and are viewable at any time, from different devices. They can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you’d feel is necessary to grasp the knowledge you require. 
How Long Is Each Course
Each course consists of between 30 minutes to 2 hours of course content which is split up into individual lesson videos that you can watch and re-watch at any time. In addition to the lesson videos, each course has a notes section you can use to reinforce key material and notes.

You can buy yourself a class of gift a training module to a friend and then take training at your own pace, over as many weeks or months as you feel like.

How Long Are the Video Lessons
Our training modules range anywhere from 2-5 hours in length and each class is made up of several lessons that range from 2 – 25 minutes in length – it’s totally up to you as the course provider to structure their training as they see fit.
What Does The User Enrolment Fee Include
For classes purchased individually, you receive unlimited access to every module in the course from the instructor you sign up with. See our Terms of Service for more information.

For all Free Classes, you get unlimited access to every lesson in every class on the site until you cancel.

DoI Have to Complete A Course Within A Specific Time Frame
Each Trained By Miyagi comes with a suggested timeline, but you can complete the class at your own pace.

You have unlimited access to every class you purchased individually, forever. You will be advised on email when the course instructor has uploaded new content which may be relevant to buy or gift.

For all classes you have purchases and for free classes you choose, you’ll have access to all the course material until you cancel. See our Terms of Service for more information.

What Type of Device / Browser Do I Need
You can view classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser.  

We do recommend Google Chrome for speed.

Can I Reach Out to My Instructor
Some of our instructors may provide feedback to select students on student questions or work. We may also partner with instructors from time to time to host special live Q&A sessions, Podcasts and opportunities for student participation.

We cannot guarantee instructor-student interaction, but will inform students if and as these opportunities become available.

Can I Download Videos

The video lessons are not available to download from the web, however they stay in your account forever and can be accessed any time from any device.

What Happens After I Finish The Class
When a module of full course if completed, it will be marked as such and stored in your account for future reference.
Can I Gift A Course to Someone?

Yes! There is a ‘Gift’ option on every class sign-up page. 

What Is Your Refunds Policy
All classes are purchased at your own risk, and refunds do not apply.

If a course is gifted and not taken within 12 months, we will notify the giftor and offer a 50% return on their money.

Can I Offer Free Courses On Miyagi
Yes Miyagi accepts free courses, however there is a one of $29.95 fee for placing a free course eon Miyagi.

All paid course placement is free of charge.

What Percentage Of My Fee Goes to Trained By Miyagi
Trained By Miyagi takes a 20% fee on all courses sold.
Is There A Limit To How Long My Course Can Be
No, the course you create and upload is not limited to a specific length of time or modules.
How Do I Settle Funds Owed to Me From Miyagi
Payout from Trained By Miyagi are every 3 days.

Each trainer will receive a statement and Receipt Generated Tax Invoice with each payment made.

Each Payment if Made By Electronic Transfer

How Can I Speak to With Further Questions
After creating an account, you can easily submit a support ticket from the admin area or email us directly at hello@miyagi.live.

Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact us through our web form on the. site if you have any questions prior to creating your first course.

Does Miyagi Provide On Boarding Support

Every new Miyagi trainer received a personalized onboarding session & customers also receive a pre and post launch review and additional training and suggestions

Can I Cancel at Any Time

Yes you can cancel at any time

Who Owns the Content

As a Miyagi trainer, you 100% own your contentYou always own your student data and your content and can swap and change content and lessons as you see fit.

Do I Need to Add Bank Details
YES. When you register as a trainer you will be asked to provide bank details in your export portal to ensure that your weekly payouts are processed to the correct account.